Products & Services

We offer a full selection of scent delivery equipment to meet your scent diffusion needs. Please contact us for today for more information and a complimentary consultation.

Unique Brand DNA Assessment

We have developed a unique brand DNA assessment process to capture the essence our your brand.  Our leading scent scientist is also on hand to validate a brand’s fragrance fit.

Scent Development

All of our aroma’s are created under the highest quality standards and meet IFRA. Our master perfumer has created scents for many of the world’s leading brands and well-known figures.

Scent Delivery Technology

Scent Marketing Inc. equipment is unique with a high level of customer satisfaction. Our state of the art scent delivery units are reliable and, adjustable, easy to maintain and update. Our chief technical officer is a scent marketing pioneer with un-paralled insight and expertise. Our equipment is proudly made in the USA and follows rigorous safety standards.

Customer Service

Our commitment to customer care is unparalleled Our hands on approach makes Scent Marketing easy to execute and  maintain over time.