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We have a robust curated Library of scents to bring your business or home sensory experience to life perfectly. We will take you through our ScentFluence selection tool to understand the atmosphere, feelings, and memories that you are aiming to evoke and find the scent that matches you perfectly.

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Let your guest feel at home in your space every time they visit with a signature scent well-crafted and delivered to perfection! Your guest will want to take it home after their stay!

We’ve seen it first-hand. Hotel guests seek out the scents they smell during their stay so they can enjoy in their own home. More than a loyal guest, a brand devotee is made through the power of scent!

Hospitality venue studies the impact of scent on their businesses and uncovered that on the days the scent was used, patrons stayed 18% longer and spent 21% more versus unscented days!

A scent for a fitness environment has many complex attributes. It must be clean; it must be breathable and aid performance. If possible it should manage mal odor while reinforcing the precision of the brand. It must appeal to men and women.

Whether you seek a branded aroma to reinforce your company’s unique core values or you’d like to manage malodor issues associated with apartment living, we can help you to make your property instantly more desirable and faster to rent.

A well-crafted scent well can make all the difference to how readily your residents renew their lease and how fast your apartments rent.

Want real results, we know how to empower your real estate business with scent.

Setting the stage for a major event involves all of the senses…lighting, timing, ambience, performance, crowd, size and an innate understanding of the desired end result are paramount to execute a scented event at the highest level.

Ask us we know the art of delivering a scented command performance! We can help support your mood creations and theatrical endeavors with scent.

At Museum of Ice Cream, the sweet aroma Cinnamon Waffle is the perfect complement to their fabulous flavor experiences!

Wouldn’t it be great if your patients could enter your space and immediately feel at ease, tensions and anxieties lifted? Experience an immediate sense of calm and tranquility.

Your signature scent diffuses with gentle almost un- distinguishable anti-anxiety properties that can provide your patients with a sense well- being. A visit with you will truly help their overall experience.

Studies show that consumers are actually eager to buy and even willing to pay more for an item in a scented environment! A store survey found that shoppers spent almost double on days when a store was scented.

Create the ideal retail experience by incorporating a signature scent that reinforces your brand value and makes for a memorable experience at the point of sale.

Scent Marketing Inc. can create a custom scent for you or help you to curate an ideal selection from our world class Scent Library. Your selected scent can be delivered via our innovative Scent delivery equipment to ensure the ideal experience in your space.

Dry scent-testing innovation also available for environments that sell fragrance and beauty products.

A visit to the salon should always be a tranquil experience, whether your clients visit for a mani/pedi, relaxing massage, or a facial, create a sense of peace and comfort with a signature scent that expresses your brand’s wellness philosophy.

On the move or traveling in your mind, aroma can play a powerful role in enhancing the transportation experience.

Creating a sense of comfort, cleanliness or a sense and memory of place is instantly accessible with a scent perfectly paired for the travel experience you are looking to create!

Work from home? Work alone or collaborate with your team?

Raising performance while inspiring creative and maintaining morale are all possible with the addition of a well- balanced aroma. Developed specifically for the companies, entrepreneur and organizations. Our client Base Beauty find the ideal aroma to help inspire team creativity!


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