A Leader in Scent and Sensory Experiences

Expertise & Experience

Scent Marketing Inc. has successfully developed scent profiles for highly established and known brands,
as well as supported smaller brands and businesses reach their own ambient goals.

Using a brand's scent has the ability to enhance an environment on a previously unexplored level.

Sensory + Environment

While your visual environment and surroundings have the ability to create a sense of luxury,
comfort, or relaxation, an ambient scent expands those vibes for customers and
enhances your brand's recognizability.

Developing a brand's ambient scent is a joy and a passion at Scent Marketing Inc.

Our experience includes creating scent identities for brands across a wide range of industries including Retail, Hospitality, Wellness, Healthcare, Real Estate, Fitness, Galleries, and more.


Scent Marketing Inc., CEO Caroline Fabrigas

Caroline Fabrigas CEO Scent Marketing Inc
Caroline's years as a top beauty executive has positioned her to be on trend and aware of what luxury brands are looking for. She is constantly developing new partnerships and companies.

A native of the U.K., Fabrigas arrived in the USA in 1980 to enter the field of beauty, and over the years rose through the ranks of the beauty industry holding key positions with some of the world’s top beauty brands in the world.