Scent The Environment

Setting the stage for a major event involves all of the senses…lighting, timing, ambience, performance, crowd, size and an innate understanding of the desired end result are paramount to execute a scented event at the highest level.

Setting a scent for your gallery, show, event, or party is an extra level unexpected wow for your guests. This is a fantastic way to welcome your guests and enhance the vibe and experience!

Theatres, Galleries, Museums

We know the art of delivering a scented command performance! We can help support your mood creations and theatrical endeavors with scent.

Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream knows how to connect with their guests. Utilizing a variety of our Gourmand favorites museum attendees experience a different flavor in each room. Taking the fun to the next level.

Great brands know much goes into gaining loyal customers

Create the ideal show exerience by incorporating scent into your brand strategy for an elevated brand connection.