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Private label

A unique and branded ambient scent provides additional revenue streams for your business. We also offer beautiful promotional gift options that keep your brand connected to your customers.



Reed Diffusers

Hand Sanitizers

and more

 Some of our highly successful scented private label products we have developed for our customers.

Private Label Products



1Hotel Kindling Candle
1Hotel Kindling Candle


Kindling candle
signature scented


Arlo Hotel's Deep Wood Room Spray

Deep Wood
Room Spray

Arlo Hotel Deep Wood Ambient Scent


Baccarat Hotel & Residences
Fireside for Baccarat Hand Sanitizer





Hand Sanitizer
for Baccarat
Hotel + Residences + Retail locations




Aged Cork Fig Tree Room Spray


Fig Tree
Room Spray


Physique57's custom scent by Scent Marketing Inc created a vibe that brought balance to their studio and focus to their member’s workouts. Their gorgeous candle is available for clients to purchase, bringing a sense of balance to their home workouts.

Empower Candle