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Private Label Scented Amenities Customer Connections + Revenue Opportunities

  • A private label branded scented product, provides customers and guests an option to take your brand home and continue to enjoy it, maintaining your connection
    to them via scent.

    We develop and deliver private label products from your custom scent or from a ready-to-scent library ambient that are high-quality and in demand:

    • Candles
    • Room-Sprays
    • Reed Diffusers
    • Hand Sanitizers
    • and more

  • Branded ambient products you'll be proud to put your logo on. A reminder of your brand, that also provides additional revenue opportunities.

  • 1Hotels medium candle and bag developed for 1Hotels in collaboration with Scent Marketing Inc

    Top hospitality, fitness/wellness,
    real estate brands and others understand and appreciate the power of Scent Marketing Inc's private label products and development services.

Luxury Private Label Favorites

   1Hotel Kindling Candle   

1Hotels Reed Diffuser by Scent Marketing Inc

           Arlo Hotel's Deep Wood Room Spray    

Arlo Hotel Deep Woods Signature Scented Candle   Arlo Hotel Deep Wood Room-spra


Baccarat hotels, residences, retail, Scent Marketing Inc custom scented product   Fireside for Baccarat Hand Sanitizer   


   Aged Cork Room Spray       Aged Cork Fig Tree Room Spray