A leader in ambient scents for business

Scent Marketing Inc is the leader in scent and sensory experiences and scented product development.
We help develop lasting customer relationships through the influence of ambient scent.

We create scent identities that connect with a brand's core value and mission, with invisible influential touch-points for brands that their customers connect with, enjoy, and remember.

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Notable Brands Beloved Ambients

Hospitality, Retail, Wellness, Fitness, Transportation, Entertainment and other industry's brands appreciate Scent Marketing Inc's success in developing highly regarded scent profiles, state-of-the-art diffusion equipment, luxury private label scented products, and high-quality support.

Scent Marketing Inc provides luxury signature scents and diffusion at NYC real estate locations

Tell us about your brand's DNA

Your brand's DNA is unique. Let Scent Marketing Inc take you on a journey to reveal a scent identity that connects with guests, enhances their experience, and puts your "logo in the air". Click to request a consultation. Or visit our Scent Selector for ready-to-diffuse scent oil options.