Aromacology in Action

As experts in Aromacology, we recognize the Power of Scent to influence emotions and behaviors that can positively impact our business and life.  Scent specifically designed to align with a brand’s values has been proven to: Enhance brand identity, increase a product’s value proposition, extend a stay, prolong a visit, enhance brand identity, create lasting memories & augment client loyalty.

  • Scent provides an enhancement of
    brand perception—The International Journal
    of Marketing Journal

    400 guests, after shopping in a Nike store reported that a "pleasant ambient scent" improved their evaluation not only of the store and its products but the likelihood they would shop there again.

  • Scent provides a competitive advantage,
    says a 2009 Parsons study

    Demonstrated how through the active use of associated scents, an otherwise naturally odorless store could enhance shopper behavior and gain a competitive advantage (Schifferstein and Blok, 2002).”

  • Ambient scent raises product value perception. According to a Lindstrom and Kotler study (2003)

    84% of customers were more likely to purchase a pair of shoes (or at least like them better) when they were on display in a scented room. That very same study revealed that many of the participants admitted they would be willing to pay 10-15% more for a scented product. Another study indicated that the introduction of a sweet citrus aroma in a retail setting nearly doubled the average total purchases from $55 to $90 per customer!

  • Scent influences overall mood, reports a
    Harvard Business Review study

    Whether you work from home or the office or you are an entrepreneur managing a startup, or a corporate executive with thousands of employees, you know that happy personnel translates into productivity and according to the Harvard Business Review, 31% more so, as well as 37% higher sales and 31% higher creativity.