Scent Marketing Inc developed and supplies 1-Hotels iconic Kindling signature scent, candles, room-sprays, more coming soon

"logo in the air"

Extend your brand reach, customer connection, and profitability with a custom developed, unique signature scent. Scent Marketing Inc develops successful scent identities, diffusion programs, and private label amenities that guests, clients, and customers love, remember, and stay connected to.

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Signature Scents Are Unique Brand Identifiers

A signature ambient scent that adheres to a brand's core values
can create a lasting positive image in the minds of clients and guests. Scent Marketing Inc is a leader in scent and sensory experiences.

Learn more about the scent and memory connection:

Olfaction Connection

Sensory Experiences Enhance Brand Loyalty

A full customer sensory experience builds upon the human senses when customers interact with a brand. Differentiate and elevate your client, guest, and customer experience through incooporating scent into your marketing strategy.

Who we are


1-Hotels, a luxury lifestyle hospitality brand worked with Scent Marketing Inc. to design a signature scent inspired by nature to enhance their brand vision and welcome their guests.

Scent Marketing Inc helped the expanding line of hotels develop and put in place a diffusion plan, supporting efforts to enhance the natural beauty on the next level.

To the delight of guests, beloved luxury candles and hand sanitizers came next and are available for purchase.

Additional 1-Hotels private label ambient products are currently in development and sure to be a hit with devoted fans of the brand and of great scented products.

Looking for a unique and distinct brand statement? 

Let us create an exclusive signature scent for your business. All of our scents are carefully crafted to elevate and enhance your brand.