• 1 Hotels

    The 1-Hotels luxury lifestyle hotel worked with Scent Marketing inc. to design a nature inspired signature scent to enhance their brand vision. The popularity of ambient diffused at all 1-Hotel properties lead to a line of luxury candles and hand sanitizers. New private label ambient products are currently in development and sure to be a hit with devoted fans of the chain and of great scented products.

  • Hyatt + Hyatt Place

    Hyatt's signature ambient scent Zen has helped connect their guests to this growing international hospitality brand with over 250 + properties worldwide with the help of Scent Marketing Inc since 2007.

  • Museum of Ice Cream

    Prepare all senses to be delighted when visiting the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC or Austin. Scent Marketing inc stepped in to curate and diffuse a selection of delicious, memorable, and charming scents that connect with this creative destination and enhance the magical experiance for their guests.

  • Fisher Brothers @ease

    @Ease, Fisher Brothers created a work space oasis. Guests find a comfortable spot to work while staying focused and alert with their Signature Scent designed by Scent Marketing inc.

  • Arlo Hotels

    Scent curation as well as ambient scent diffusion in all properties. Private Label candles and reed diffusers.

  • Ambient scent diffusion equipment and monthly scent fulfillment by Scent Marketing Inc

    Waterline Square

    Scent curation & ambient scent diffusion.

  • Physique57's custom scent by Scent Marketing Inc created a vibe that brought balance to their studio and focus to their member’s workouts. Their gorgeous candle is available for clients to purchase, bringing a sense of balance to their home workouts.

    Physique 57

    Creating the perfect environment for Physique 57. Signature scent design and custom private label candles to create an atmosphere.

  • Scent Marketing Inc

    Our luxury clients understand the benefits of a branded scent identity

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