Scent Marketing Inc. brings the power of scent to hotels, retail, and institutions

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Scent Marketing Inc collaborated with 1-Hotels to develop the signature brand ambient scent diffused at all 1-Hotel properties

State-of-the-art scent diffuser technology helps Scent Marketing Inc. provide businesses an impactful guest experience.

Scent Marketing Inc scents air with powerful, professional-grade scent diffusers like they provide notable luxury hotels, spas, retail spaces, and corporate clients.

When looking for a brand differentiator, customer connector, and client experience enhancement, diffusion technology and the right scent are powerful tools.

Shop our scent diffuser collections by room size

Scent spaces from 0-10,000 sq. ft (and beyond) with our small, medium, and large scent diffuser machine categories.


Professional grade cold-mist diffusers.
Safe, quiet, easily controllable.

Whether you're looking for an HVAC installed, free-standing
or battery operated, we offer an incredible range and expertise
for small to extreme spaces.

3500 sq ft havac capable fragrance oil diffuser for business scenting Scent Marketing Inc

Looking to scent an even larger space, complex floor-plan, or even outdoor retail setting?

We enjoy all scenting challenges and have many we can tell you about. We bring experience and expertise that has solved many complex multi-room, high ceiling, and outdoor challenges. We provide the technology and insight to bring the hotel scent experience to your business space. Contact us