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Fresh Linen | diffusible scent oil

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The smell of this clean-linen luxury will help you unwind and relax, inspiring calm and peace.

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Clean Scent Ethos

Our exclusive scent formulations are clean and exclude all potentially harmful ingredients. Paraben-free, synthetic-fragrance-free, vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, petroleum free.

That means minimizing skin irritants and no unnecessary additives—better for the planet and better for you.

Because like you, we care about our planet, we coordinate with the industry regulatory organizations such as IFRA and RIFM to ensure all our ingredients are responsibly sourced.

IFRA is at the origin of a Code of Good Practice for Manufacturers and standards for the use of fragrance ingredients, with three types of self-regulation:

  • Prohibition: bans on the use of some materials
  • Restriction: rules on the quantities or maximum dose to be used or the products in which certain materials can be used
  • Specification: other conditions on the type of material

The RIFM Database is the most comprehensive, worldwide source of toxicology data, literature and general information on fragrance and flavor raw materials.

To learn more about or international fragrance association and Research Institute for fragrance materials.