Your Logo in the Air

A well-crafted ambient scent is an invisible influencer
that envelops you, whispers a brand's message in a deep, meaningful, and indelible way. It connects with your clients and customers, reminding them of your presence, inviting them to stay longer,
to return, and to connect with your brand.

The Invisible Influencer

Scent Marketing Inc. understands the value of
a well-crafted ambient scent that elevates a brand's mission
and connection to it's customers.
We are the leader in scent and sensory experiences connecting brands to their consumers and guests. From Hospitality, Retail, Wellness and beyond, our expertise in ambient design
and diffusion helps a business develop lasting relationships
with customers and creates additional revenue opportunities.

  • The Power of Scent

    Scent specifically designed to align with a brand’s values has been proven to enhance brand identity, increase a product's value proposition, enhance overall mood and create lasting memories.

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  • The Art of Scent Creation

    We discover your brand's core attributes, then work with industry's leading perfumers to develop clean scents that resonates with your brand and customers.

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  • The Science of Diffusion

    Proper diffusion helps to ensure the client's ambient experience is seamless with your brand. We have the experience and expertise in determining proper equipment, positioning, and setup to bring your scent to your guests.

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